Students in theprogram will develop a general foundation of the basic disciplines of learning and knowledge within a Christian worldview. This foundation will be integrated into the students in depth learning of the foundations of Christian faith. The Christian faith will be presented through Biblical studies that will help the student acquire skills for exegetical practice. Additionally the studentĄ¯s Christian faith will be broadened with an understanding of Christian theology in both systematic and historical contexts. Christian faith will also be strengthened through application within practical and pastoral contexts. The student should also be expected to develop a clear understanding of their sense of mission and calling to Christian ministry.


Degree Requirements:


General Education--------------------------------------------------------------35 (S.U.)

Biblical Studies-------------------------------------------------------------------25 (S.U.)

Theology--------------------------------------------------------------------------15 (S.U.)

Practical Theology--------------------------------------------------------------15 (S.U.)

Missions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 (S.U.)

Christian Spirituality-------------------------------------------------------------- 6 (S.U.)

Electives-----------------------------------------------------------------------------15 (S.U.)


  General Education Requirements: 35 Semester Units

1.     GS 100 Introduction to Sociology or

            GS 110 Introduction to Psychology----------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          2. GA 110 Introduction to Philosophy----------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          3. GC 130 Public Speaking------------------------------------------------------ 3 (S.U.)

          4. GN 150 Introduction to Environment Engineering & Science


            GN 170 Introduction to Computer------------------------------------------ 3 (S.U.)

          Two of the following three:

            GH 150 American History---------------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

            GH 120 Western Civilization I----------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

            GH 121 Western Civilization II---------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          Language Studies:--------------------------------------------------------------- 6 (S.U.)

            Choose from:

 GL 110 English: Reading/Writing------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

            BL 300 Konie Greek I--------------------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

            BL 301 Konie Greek II-------------------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          General Education Electives (11 or 12 Semester Units)-------------------12 (S.U.)

          (Note: students with two years of active military duty may count this military duty as equivalent to 2 semester units of general education electives given the physical natural of their training and service and the amount of training received while in the service for various technical aspects of their work. Students wishing to apply this towards their general education credit must petition the Academic Deans office and file a petition for credit for military training.)


          Additionally, some courses marked with an asterisk in the catalog may count towards general education electives.


Biblical Studies Requirements: 25 Semester Units

          OT 110 Old Testament Survey----------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          OT 200 Pentateuch------------------------------------------------------------ 3 (S.U.)

          NT 130 New Testament Survey---------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          NT 210 Gospels----------------------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          NT 250 Acts--------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          BS 300 Hermetics-------------------------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          9 units from Biblical Studies Electives

OT 310 Wisdom Literature--------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          OT 400 Genesis---------------------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          OT 420 Psalms----------------------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          NT 415 Romans---------------------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          NT 480 Revelation and Daniel----------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          BS 300 Hermetics


Theology Requirements: 15 Semester Units

          TH 150 Foundation of Christian Theology--------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          TH 401 Systematic Theology I---------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          TH 402 Systematic Theology II--------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          TH 403 Systematic Theology III-------------------------------------------- 3 (S.U.)

          3 units from Theology Electives

TH 448 Comparative Religions---------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          TH 449 Cults and Christianity------------------------------------------------ 2 (S.U.)


Practical Theology Requirements: 15 Semester Units

          MN 200 Introduction to Christian Education------------------------------ 2 (S.U.)

          MN 210 Christian Leadership Theory--------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          PT 400 Pastoral Theology---------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          PT 460 Homiletics------------------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          7 units from Practical Theology Electives

MN 300 ChildrenĄ¯s Ministry--------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          MN 350 Youth Ministry-------------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          MN 461 Practicum in Homiletics--------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          NN 240 Administration of Christian Education----------------------------- 2 (S.U.)


Mission Requirements: 9 Semester Units

          MI 210 Personal Evangelism------------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          MI 160 Introduction to Mission----------------------------------------------2 (S.U.)

          5 units from Mission Electives

MI 220 Non-Western Missions----------------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          MI 250 World Religious and Missions--------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          MI 400 Introduction to Church Growth------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)


Christian Spirituality: 6 Semester Units

          CS 170 Spirituality Formation------------------------------------------------ 2 (S.U.)

          CS 200 Personal Gifts and Ministry Calling--------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          2 units from Christian Spirituality Electives

CS 350 Personal Ministry Formation---------------------------------------- 2 (S.U.)

          CS 300 Relationship Management------------------------------------------ 2 (S.U.)


Electives: 15 Semester Units

         (Note: It is strongly recommended that students who plan on further graduate study take additional theological and Biblical studies to strengthen their foundation for further study. It is strongly recommended that students take a Biblical Languages course or courses to help with further graduate study.)