Admission into the institution¡¯s Preschool Teacher/Director programs is granted into those who wish to expand their skills for lay ministry within the local church to include preschool children. Admission into the ESL program is granted to those who wish to enhance their English language skills for further training and education within English institutions of higher learning and who wish to further their general English communication skills.

Admission into the institution¡¯s undergraduatedegree program is granted to those who demonstrate a desire to study Christiantheology as a foundation for future careers or who determine that this degree is foundation to a Christian life development.


Admission into the institution¡¯s masters anddoctoral program is granted to applicants who demonstrate the ability to successful undertake study and research at the graduate level. Admission is granted to students who meet the following requirement stated in the following pages.


Admission Requirements & Procedures of Piedmont University-School of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine(PUAAM)

Introduction to Admission Procedures

Piedmont University - School of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine (PUAAM) seeks mature, capable students who have the preparation and motivation needed to accomplish their academic and professional goals. In addition, they are full of passion for their chosen field of study.

Piedmont University is an institution that strives to bring to its campus students who are committed to personal and intellectual growth and at the same time are willing to contribute to the creative Christian atmosphere. PUAAM awards a degree on the basis of credit earned by taking classes and labs, and the credit and the degrees are based primarily on mastery of course contents through a prescribed curriculum. Piedmont University¡¯s Master of Science in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine (MSAAM) degree program is a graduate program that leads to a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.). The graduate will become a primary care practitioner, able to practice independently and to encompass acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, acupressure, and breathing techniques within the scope of practice.

PUAAM advises prospective students that they must complete all necessary forms including official transcripts of all previous academic work attempted as well as records of military and vocational training. Transcripts will be evaluated and credit will be given in accordance with the transfer credit policy. A transcript of all previous work is to be sent from the school of origin to the Office of Admissions at Piedmont University, and it must bear the official seal of the school of origin, as well as the signature of the Registrar or designated official. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted for preliminary evaluation; however, official transcripts must be on file before official admission to a degree program will be granted. Failure to file complete, accurate and authentic documents may result in a denial of admission, cancellation of academic credit, suspension, or expulsion.


Admission Philosophy

Admission decisions are based upon both objective and subjective criteria. An applicant¡¯s previous academic record is an important predictor of his/her ability to succeed at the University. Previous work experience in the selected field of study may also be taken into consideration. Two personal and/or professional letters of recommendation is required. Finally, PUAAM does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, gender, age or physical disability in the employment of faculty and staff, the admission of students, or the operation of its educational programs and activities.

Such discrimination is prohibited by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act (pertaining to race, color, and national origin, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 (pertaining gender), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1975 (pertaining to handicap), and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 (pertaining to age).


Foreign Education Credential Review and Evaluation

The University requires that all international education documents and transcripts be submitted to a credential evaluation service that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, Inc. (NACES), to verify authenticity and to assist in the approximation of credit received to comparable levels of educational achievement in the United States.  This may also be submitted to the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (AACRAO), along with all educational documents, in order to receive that evaluation of foreign credentials. AACRAO will complete its credential review within eight weeks after receipt of the student¡¯s application, official transcripts and diplomas.  This information can also be downloaded from their website.


Admission Information for International Students

Students from other countries should be aware that acceptance into a program is necessary before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Form 1-20 (Certificate of Eligibility) is issued by the university. This will then assist students in obtaining an F-1 student visa. 

International applicants must:

Submit a Request for the 1-20 Form

Submit evidence of possessing financial resources to complete the academic program, including bank statements

Comply with all rules and regulations of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service

Have English academic transcripts from college(s) evaluated by a recognized credential evaluation agency as noted above

Demonstrate English language proficiency

Follow all Application Procedures (see below)


English Language Requirements for International Students

All international students are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination in addition to meeting general admission requirements if the native language is not English. The applicant must pass TOEFL with a score of 61 iBT or its equivalent for the English program, and with a score of at least 45 iBT or its equivalent for the program in another language. Applicants who do not satisfy the requirement may be considered for admission with English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, but they must satisfy the proficiency in English before beginning the clinical experience. 


Basic Qualifications for Admission

To be admitted to the University as a student in the professional Master of Science in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine degree program, an applicant must present the following qualifications:


Have earned grades of ¡°C¡± or better in a minimum of two academic years (90 quarter or 60 semester units) of education at the baccalaureate level, or otherwise equivalent preparation for graduate level work from an institution recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education, or equivalent foreign academic institution. The admissions Office can furnish additional information.

Show evidence of maturity and of understanding the roles and responsibilities of a primary health care professional. 


Application Procedures for All Students

The University accepts new students at the beginning of each quarter. Applicants are required to submit the following to the Office of Admissions:


Completed application form and any requests indicated on that form.

One hundred dollar ($100) nonrefundable Application Fee.

Official transcript(s) from each college attended sent directly from that institution to PU. Work-in-progress statements, if applicable, must be included. Occasionally some of an applicant¡¯s previous college credits beyond those presented to satisfy the two-year entrance requirement will fulfill a PUAAM course requirement, resulting in advanced standing for a new student. If you feel a previous course transfer should be granted such credit, you may complete a PUAAM ¡°Petition for Credit¡±)

Foreign documents should be with notarized English Translation

Proof of completion of college education (60 semester units or 90 quarter units—all general education required courses)

A recent photograph must be submitted with the application (passport size is acceptable)

Attach a brief typed essay describing your capabilities and reasons for pursuing a career in Asian Medicine.


Note to All Prospective PUAAM Students:

After processing your completed application, the Admissions Committee will inform you of its decision. Several of the steps outlined above require a lot of time to accomplish. It is wise to start the process well in advance of the term for which you are applying.  After this time, students may be admitted only as time and space permit. Any questions about application dates or any other part of the admissions process should be directed to:

    Piedmont University 

    School of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine

    Office of Admissions

    10900 South Vermont Avenue

    Los Angeles, CA 90044   U.S.A


Conditional Admission Policy

At the discretion of PUAAM, a student may be admitted with a conditional admission status when they have declared in writing and provide some evidence that they possess the necessary qualification for full admission status but have not yet provided all of the necessary documentation. Such students will have only two quarters to provide the necessary documentation and enroll in PUAAM at their own risk. If that documentation, when received does not qualify them for full admission, they will not be permitted to continue in the program and coursework completed will not be transferable.


Auditing Courses Policy

Admission for a student not seeking a degree is available for a limited number of units. An abbreviated admission process is available for auditors, who are admitted to courses on a space available basis. There is a fee for auditing lecture and laboratory courses. Non-degree seeking students will not receive certificates or diplomas for coursework taken at PUAAM. Admission is subject to the availability of classroom space remaining after the University¡¯s regular matriculating students. Students must also have the consent of the instructor. A fee will be set for auditing lecture and/or laboratory courses.

Persons who have the individual course prerequisites may, with the permission of the Dean, enroll for a maximum of 15 units. To enroll for any additional study, the student must meet the qualifications for admission as a regular student and transfer into the degree program. All auditors must follow these procedures:


Complete and submit an Application for Admission with the required non-refundable fee ($100). 

This is a one-time procedure, and does not have to be repeated for future enrollments.

Attach to the application a list of the course(s) to be taken, and a short explanation of why they were chosen.

Have official transcripts from colleges previously attended sent to the Admissions Office to substantiate your   qualifications to take the course.


Application for Students enrolled at another Asian Medical College

Students from other accredited Asian medical colleges who want to take one or more specific course(s) at PUAAM must submit (1) a transcript from their Asian medical school that is recommending the student to take the specific course(s) at PUAAM. The Academic Standards Committee will review the transcript and letter and approve or disapprove of that enrollment in specific classes at PUAAM on a case-by-case basis.


Challenge Examinations

Course credits may also be satisfied through Challenge Exams. Students who have successfully completed prior coursework that is not directly transferable to PUAAM may, with the approval of the Academic Dean, request a Challenge Exam provided the material is similar in contents to the course to be challenged. Challenge Exams are subject to these standards:

Take a separate examination for each course challenged

Achieve a minimum score of 70% on each exam taken—no ¡°re-takes¡± permitted

Complete all challenge exams by the end of the second quarter

Challenge examinations are subject to a charge of 50% of the tuition for the course challenged


Application Approval

The Registrar receives and processes all applications. The Academic Dean will review the applications for final approval and evaluate any transferable credits. Students will be notified of their admission status once the application file is complete and has been reviewed by the Dean. All admission documents filed with PU become the property of PU and will not be returned to the student.

To obtain an Application Form, Call (323) 777-5269 and ask for the application form and information or you may download it from